Kessie Nair fuels more drama at court

Image source: TimesLIVE photo by Thuli Dlamini

#DURBAN: Nair had been applying for bail in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court after his arrest last month.

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Durban attorney Chris Gounden argued that the State was on a witch hunt to persecute Kessie Nair. 

Nair has stated his criminal prosecution is a waste of time and the charge against him so banal that it is equivalent to urinating in public. This was read out in an affidavit – penned by Nair – was read into the record by his attorney‚ Chris Gounden.

Investigating officer a ‘sangoma psychiatrist’

The investigating officer Ajith Lutchman‚ was branded as a “sangoma psychiatrist”.

“He‚ Lutchman‚ is a police officer who is claiming to be a psychiatrist as he claims I am a danger to myself as well as my family. This sangoma psychiatrist must indicate to the court what mental condition I suffer from as there are over 450 conditions which fall under ‘mental illness’‚” he said.

The convicted fraudster and racist-rant accused Kessie Nair will remain behind bars with judgment on his bail bid reserved on Tuesday. 

The case has been postponed to October 17 for a decision on his bail application.


Source inputs: TimesLIVE

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