#LotusFM Sex, lies and scandal outed by City Press

Pictured here are Santosh Beharie, Mishka Gounden and Fahim Jamadar.

It was in June 2018 when Indian Spice picked up news that the sex tapes of a former Lotus FM staffer were exposed on social media, whatsapp and other sources.

Indian Spice reported this story when two of the videos were shared with our tip off line in August 2017. We sought relevant information and notified the broadcaster, SABC of the matter.

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Our request for an investigation and response was ignored after fervent attempts to gather their side of the employee’s story.

We reached out to the victim who also ignored our request for clarity as to how her personal videos became public knowledge then.

City Press lays bare the story

According to the City Press article in 21 October’s 2018 edition by Charl Blignaut opens with how Mishka Gounden discovered that her personal videos were now public.

She alleges that those videos were made and distributed to former RJ, Fahim Jamadar of whom she had a romantic interest in. In what she describes as shock and despair the former Lotus FM RJ drove home and attempted to commit suicide by slashing her wrists with a box cutter.

Court proceedings

Gounden intends to expose Jamadar for allegedly distributing the videos, which she sent to him in 2016. She also claims to not have been aware that the former RJ was married.

According to the City Press report, Jamadar has been issued an interim protection order from Gounden who alleges that Jamadar physically assaulted her.

In another matter at court is the termination of her contract with the station to which Gounden claims she was never granted a hearing or served a formal notice of a breach of her contract.

Jamadar strongly denies her claims, both in his answering affidavit and to City Press. He accuses his former friend Santosh Beharie of conspiring with Gounden.

Beharie was programme manager at Lotus FM for a decade until, also in July, his contract was not renewed. He is taking the SABC to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration.

City Press, 21 October 2018

The alleged assault

The assault, says Gounden, happened during a disagreement with Jamadar in the parking area outside the smoking section of the restaurant on April 1.

She says Jamadar slapped her twice softly and, when she kept questioning his character, “slapped me so hard my whole body twisted”.

Jamadar says she is making this up, that he never hit her.

Two staff members working that night, however, have told City Press that they witnessed the immediate aftermath of the assault, with Gounden entering the smoking area stunned and then in tears while Jamadar strode to his car on the street outside.

Jamadar said: 


City Press 21 October 2018

He pointed to a log of WhatsApp messages between him and Gounden to prove their relations were friendly after the alleged assault. But Gounden says her affidavit got the dates wrong as she was in a state. She points out that the messages sent to City Press differ from those attached to his affidavit, accusing him of editing the texts.

He counters by saying his phone was stolen and these messages are all he was able to retrieve digitally.

City Press to expose shocking dossier

Next week City Press will report on a startling dossier about Lotus FM allegedly compiled by almost three-quarters of its permanent staff.

It includes accusations of sexual harassment by station manager Pillay and another senior manager, claims of autocratic leadership, attempted spying, rate disparities, favouritism and victimisation of staff, who are split in two camps, as well as an astonishing claim of a desire by a cartel to acquire the station privately.

Sources say many of the sexual misconduct claims have been reported to the SABC’s commission of inquiry announced in May.

ALSO READ: The Mishka Gounden Sex Tapes saga. The criminal case against Fahim Jamadar withdrawn

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