Some of the events - including being raped - occurred inside the Indian lifestyle radio station of Lotus FM.

#MeToo: Durban society speculate on the man who abused Vanessa Govender

#METOO: In the book ‘Beaten But Not Broken’, by South African journalist, Vanessa Govender she opens up about her deepest secret.

It was one that almost ended her career in broadcast journalism before it had barely kicked off. She was a victim of vicious abuse while being employed at South Africa’s national broadcaster, SABC.

Some of the events – including being raped – occurred inside the Indian lifestyle radio station of Lotus FM.

City Press newspaper names alleged abuser

The book,, ‘Beaten But Not Broken’ that was launched in September is a painful yet powerful read.

The first 100 pages go into fine detail of horrific incidents of sexual assault, mental abuse and violence that Govender endured of which most was related to the radio station, Lotus FM.

The explosive City Press article states,

“She describes the man but does not name him. Durban society has been buzzing with speculation that the man may have been former Lotus FM RJ, Fahim Jamadar.

But four well-placed insiders have told City Press they believed Govender and Jamadar were involved in a “violent” or “turbulent” relationship at the time.”

City Press, 21 October 

Allegations denied

Jamadar strongly denied the claims, saying the sources must have been “coaxed”.

“We were friends but we weren’t in a romantic relationship … I have not read the book, but from what I have heard about it, she is definitely not speaking about me as what was said to me never transpired … She apparently makes reference to things that transpired at the SABC and I was not there from 2002 to 2004 so was not privy to what was happening.”

According to reports, however, Jamadar was fired from Lotus in July 2002 for not following on-air procedures, returning from December 2004 until 2014. He started at the station in October 1998 and Govender late in 1999.

When Govender was approached by City Press for comment she reserved her rights to not comment.


Next week City Press will report on a startling dossier about Lotus FM allegedly compiled by almost three-quarters of its permanent staff. For more on this follow City Press on Facebook.

Source: City Press

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