Lotus FM ‘sex pest’ claim under investigation

This Sunday, City Press will report on a startling dossier about the events at  Lotus FM allegedly compiled by almost three-quarters of its permanent staff.

lotus fm

Sources say many of the sexual misconduct claims have been reported to the SABC’s commission of inquiry announced in May.

It includes accusations of sexual harassment by station manager Alvin Pillay and another senior manager.

There are claims of autocratic leadership, attempted spying, rate disparities, favouritism and victimisation of staff, who are split in two camps, as well as an astonishing claim of a desire by a cartel to acquire the station privately.

The SABC response to City Press

In response to detailed queries, SABC communications boss Neo Momodu said: “The SABC has noted with concern the allegations and the corporation takes [them] very seriously. The SABC is currently conducting a forensic investigation on various allegations at Lotus FM and the outcomes of the investigation will shed light on the veracity of the claims made and provide recommendations to management.

“It is public knowledge the SABC instituted a high-level commission of inquiry into sexual harassment, headed by an independent commissioner, urging aggrieved parties to approach the commission.

The current work of the commission will be concluded following the closing date for submissions on October 31.

“Management is aware of the challenges that Lotus FM is facing and necessary steps are being taken to ensure stability.”


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