Conversion Pastor McWayne Sam slammed by Bishop for anti-Hindu post

#DURBAN: Pastor Sam McWayne of the Harmony Centre went off social media soon after Post Newspaper connected with him for comment over his boastful post of conversion of a Hindu family to Christianity.

McWayne who’s prayer centre is described as a division of United Pentecostal Church Of South Africa took to Facebook on October 10 to share his joy at the conversion of a Hindu family to Christianity.

His post sparked religious debate, anger and mockery on both sides of the religious line. As the anger steamrolled on social media spaces McWayne apologised via his Facebook platform three days later.

Bishop Bernard Coopasamy condemns social media post of convert pastor

Reported earlier, McWayne was associated with the National Interfaith Council of South Africa (Nicsa).

The Bishop in an interview with Newsbreak Lotus’ Rachel Vadi confirmed that McWayne is loosely associated with their religious body, NICSA but not a member. 

Listen to what Bishop Bernard Coopasamy has to say here:

has to say here:

Bishop Bernard has publicly called upon McWayne to publicly apologise to the Hindu community. 

The offensive post by McWayne below

His post read,

“Tonight we had the greatest of pleasure to pray with a family that gave their heart to the Lord.

They packed boxes of “stuff” they use to worship and asked us to dispose of it. We dedicated the Home in Jesus Name.

After 47 years the Man of the home asked me to cut of the strings he had tied around his wrist cos he chose to follow Jesus for the rest of his life. We acted upon their confession and their submission to the Word of God.

He later emptied his wallet where he held onto souvenirs which he taught gave him protection but learnt that Jesus gives his Angels charge over us. We give all Glory to Jesus.”

Sam McWayne, Pastor

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  1. Dear recipients ,

    I grew up in the upc ,was born into it and followed the doctrine until I was 22, this is wen I broke away, rebelled and ran away from home.

    The United Pentecostal church south Africa and upci needs to be exposed , emotional ,physiological and religious abuse.I left when it was too late I pray that children growing up in it now are awakened to the truth and that it doesn’t destroy their childhood and future like it did mine.

    Please do research on this church ,it needs toto be exposed…Please let me remain anonymous

  2. It’s a sad state of affairs that those who consider themselves to be servants of “God” take pleasure in condemning faiths they are not part of. It’s only the uninformed and misinformed who embark on practices like trying to get people to convert. We must all learn a little from what the great Mahatma Gandhi once said: “I will allow all religions and cultures to flow through my home but I will not be mowed down by any one of them.” What the great Gandhi was saying was that he respects all faiths and that the practitioners of the different faiths must learn to promote secular values and not religious intolerance. I don’t want to specify any religion but I have read that religion has been the cause of wars and sufferings in many parts of the world. While some people gain some respite through the various religions, in many cases religion only promotes conflict and friction. Let’s hope that the so-called pastor will learn ” to live and let live” in the way Swami Sivananda, Sai Baba, and other religious leaders have promoted secular beliefs in their teachings.

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