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Vanessa Govender’s #MeToo incident part of investigation into rot at Lotus FM

#Durban: Soon after the release of her book ‘Beaten But Not Broken‘ the author Vanessa Govender has lifted the veil of secrecy into her experience at Lotus FM.

Talking about the culture of the male staffers Govender said,

Vanessa Govender-Tedder book
In this interview, Vanessa Govender, author of her memoir, Beaten but not Broken, she talks about her horrific experience at the hands of an abuser.

The rot at Lotus FM is ‘deep-rooted’, revolving around certain individuals. These individuals – my abuser among them – have used Lotus FM as their personal playground to prey on female staff and listeners.

Vanessa Govender-Tedder, Post Newspaper – 24 October 2018


Source inputs: Post Newspaper

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  1. Hi being a Lotus lister for many years i fell really sad of the state the radio station is in. We had people like Fakir who came on air to address listeners concerns on the radio.No matter it was critism was good or bad he faced up to it.Alvin Pillay has not come once on air to address his listerners as what they want .Come on managment we need more active roll from you.

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