Author Vanessa Govender is considering naming her abuser

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The best-selling memoir, ‘Beaten but not Broken’ by former journalist, Vanessa Govender has exposed a decade old rape at Lotus FM.

In a report by the local Pietermaritzburg paper, The Witness says she is considering naming her abuser.

Govender, has been commended for speaking out against the abuse she suffered at the hands of her former lover.

The book is based on her five-year relationship with a former Lotus FM jock, during which she was severely abused.

In the book, Govender has not named the abuser but now she has decided to reassess that decision.

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“Following articles that have come out in some newspapers, I am seriously considering naming him,” she said.

“It is not a decision that I will take lightly, it is something that I will do in consultation with legal experts, my publisher and my family.”

Forensic investigation underway

A forensic investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct at Lotus FM is underway.

In May this year, the SABC launched the Commission led by Barbara Watson to probe sexual harassment and editorial interference across all platforms within the public broadcaster led by Dr Joe Thloloe.

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