Virat Kohli launches his sneaker with sports brand PUMA

On his 30th birthday, Virat Kohli has launched his very own app that takes you into his life on a personal note. 

Apart from that he has also designed a sneaker in association with PUMA, the Basket Classic one8 sneaker is 100% classic; 100% Virat.

Virat Kohli Puma sneakers

Incorporating elements of cricket, the sneakers have a simplistic and minimalistic design, which is a reflection of Kohli’s personal style.

As Kohli’s first ever sneaker, it is the perfect interpretation of his personal style, brought to life by PUMA.

Deconstructing the Basket Classic one8 sneaker, it’s easy to understand how various design elements of the shoe are inspired by Kohli himself. His sharp thought-process and keen eye for detail, which we have witnessed in many-a game on-field, show their effects off-field in this classic, but futuristic sneaker.

Virat likes to keep it old school, as seen in his choice of silhouette – the classic PUMA Basket – upon which he added his design ideas. Having played in whites and blues for most of his formative years, these colours have made their way into his first sneaker too. What else is “cricket” about it?

Apart from the golden stitch details inspired by the seam of a cricket ball, the perforations on the shoe are inspired by the perforations in his batting gloves.

Available in 2 neutral colours – white and black – Basket Classic one8 is a statement piece versatile for any look or occasion, and a staple in every wardrobe!

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