#Mindblowing: AR Rahman shares video of an unknown singer performing a Telugu melody

Through a rustling mic and the sounds of birds overhead, her voice stops you in your tracks.

Sweet and otherworldly, this ‘unknown’ singer in a blue saree sings a Telugu melody while casually seated next to an plastic bucket.

No recording studio, no mixers, no musical instruments and certainly no talent show stage.

Finally one of Rahman’s followers on Facebook seemed to identify the singer as ‘Baby’ from East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Others commented that a raw voice like hers, without audio mixers and tuners, would give self styled YouTube music sensations something to think about.

Fans on Facebook have been asking Rahman to give Baby, a musical break.

Eventually, it was also pointed out that, Baby had been earlier interviewed on TV9.

In that interview she talked about how she worked as a labourer or at times as a coolie. She would sing while working, which was often appreciated by her fellow workers. One day, when she heard her neighbour singing a song incorrectly, the neighbour asked if she could teach her.

The neighbour eventually recorded Baby’s song and posted it on the internet. Baby said that she had no idea that she would be so popular as she does not even own a phone!

Rahman followers say that Baby’s untrained voice was what has made her stand out. And yet, more appealed to him to ‘change her fortunes’ and give her a break.

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