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Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan arrives at the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria on 26 November 2018 to lay criminal complaints against EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: Abigail Javier/EWN

Pravin Gordhan lays charges against Malema

#Pretoria: EFF’s Malema had laid into claims that Gordhan’s daughter had benefited from several government tenders and allegedly called Gordhan himself corrupt and ‘a dog of white monopoly capital’.  

Addressing reporters outside a police station in Pretoria – Gordhan’s lawyer, Tebogo Malatji says charges of defamation, crimen injuria and inciting violence have been opened against Maleam.

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has accused Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leaders of promoting hatred and warned that their continued attacks may result in people being harmed or murdered.

Malatji says Gordhan will also be heading to the Equality Court. 

Gordhan has previously testified about the 2015 Cabinet Reshuffle that saw the successive appointment of four Finance Ministers and fluctuating of the Rand. 

The EFF has responded saying it will on Tuesday open cases of fraud and corruption against Gordhan.

EFF’s incitement can lead to death of innocent people

Minister Gordhan referred to Malema’s comments outside the Zondo commission that there could be casualties.

“If you go on attacking people the way you were attacking them, the next logical point is are we facing some kind of physical harm or even elimination? So, you’re promoting hatred.”

He says Malema and Shivambu’s comments are unacceptable.

“You can’t go around, for example, condemning the Zondo commission. You can’t call an evidence leader, an advocate at the Zondo commission by the name ‘B’.

“You can’t call us dogs and at the same time you can’t spread wrong rumours about family, which are absolute lies.”

Anisha Gordhan targeted by the EFF

Presidency calls acts against Gordhan as ‘Trumpism’

Head of the Presidency in the ANC, Zizi Kodwa briefed the media outside the State Capture Inquiry November 23rd.

He says Gordhan’s testimony is being used to attack the commission’s integrity.

“Trumpism thrives on three elements: On fear, on hate and also on racial polarization, insults and vulgarities. We think we must unite all South Africans – both black and white – to defeat the demon of trumpism. If we allow trumpism to thrive, it will undermine democracy,” he says, “We have seen some of the insults that have been hurled at Pravin Gordhan – not so much about him but to undermine the ANC, to attack the ANC and the integrity of this commission and to intimidate some of the witnesses that are yet to come before this commission”.

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