Station manager Alvin Pillay suspended from Lotus FM

SABC: According to the City Press article today, 9 December 2018 it is alleged that the station manager of Lotus FM has been suspended.

The article states that, “At noon on Friday, the station manager at Lotus FM left his office at the SABC’s Durban headquarters and said he was going to watch the cricket at nearby Kingsmead Stadium, say two sources.He was not carrying his laptop bag as usual.

City Press has it on good authority that Alvin Pillay was one of almost a dozen men suspended this week and asked to hand in their SABC property, including security access cards. This, following letters served earlier in the week inviting the men to respond to why they should not be suspended. “

It is believed that additional complainants are coming forward while the SABC gears up for disciplinary hearings.

The alleged perpetrators are set to defend themselves in response to the allegations made against them.

Allegations from sex-for-jobs claims, a manager asking a staffert o touch his erect penis and the case of Vanessa Govender’s horrific torture at the hands of a former Lotus FM radio jock.

The SABC has admitted that the structures of the broadcaster have left women vulnerable at the hands of male employees.

“It is unclear exactly why Pillay has been suspended, but a City Press investigation into Lotus FM heard allegations from three witnesses that he “hit on” and repeatedly touched a female broadcaster inappropriately ata Cape Town hotel on a work trip.

The harassment continued at the airport and on the plane home, as well as at King Shaka International Airport in Durban. According to emails and sources, the woman’s complaint was dismissed, after a meeting, by the station’s human resources manager.” – City Press, 9 December 2018

Pillay did not respond to the allegations when City Press approached him for comment.

Sources: SABC, City Press


  1. Finally someone saw the light

  2. It’s time for the Lotus FM ro be be closed and a whole new Indian Radio station be launched for the same audience and a broader target market under another name. Th new station should improved lineups with changed themes. and improved line ups. This may be the only was to resuscitate an ailing brand.


    Disciplinary processes are a way of getting rid of those that done have an interest in Radio

  3. Is Lotus FM catering for the masses or just a handful of people like Mrs Pillay, Swami Redi etc. Does the Station call Mrs Pillay or does she get through with a magic wand. The time she takes to get her messages across 2 new people could give their messages. She is on most shows day or night and they always take her call. She is even on Hindvani. Give others a chance, it just as special for everyone else to send their dedication. Please please please. Enough is enough. You exist because WE are her not because THEY are there.

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