Letter to the editor: Will the real Lotus FM pimp please stand up!

lotusfm sex scandal

Sex, lies and the video that killed the radio star. Or, so it should have!

When the explicitly sexual video of a Lotus FM presenter went viral, many speculated as to who it was and who she could have sent it to, to secure her job, as alleged by media far and wide.

Soon, everyone knew who the video maker was, and she was subsequently dismissed from the public broadcaster for bringing the SABC into disrepute.

Now, let’s take a step back and look at this objectively.

She, like all on-air personalities or OPS’s as they are called, are interviewed and hired by the Programs Manager.

This is a FACT, not just at Lotus FM, but the world over.So, there should be little doubt as to who that video was sent to.

With shocking scandals hotting up the station, even more than their music, further secrets were revealed of drunken escapades, parties, bhangra cruises and hook-ups between a notorious “hip” group at the station.

Subsequently, the Programs Manager finds himself locked out when his contract is not renewed, and speculation was rife that this was due to him being identified as the kingpin behind the sex scandals at the beleaguered station. 

In recent weeks, he has taken to social media and has been lambasting the station and other employees on public platforms, for various atrocities.

But, the question remains, why are you so vocal now, only after being given the boot?

You claim to have been the one to expose the alleged sex abusers at the station, yet these women were interviewed and employed by you, and worked under your watch.

So, why did you stay quiet for so long?

Is it not because you are the perpetrator here, and for as long as it served your selfish and sinful needs, you continued unabated?

Your social media, which is very public is filled with cozy photos with young presenters, half your age, drinking, falling over each other and in all kinds of compromising positions. Is this becoming of a manager, mentor and boss?

Come on, we the avid listeners and supporters of Lotus FM are not stupid, we see right through you. We recognise all those who are working tirelessly since your departure to bring the station back to its glory days before your rot set in.

Accept that your time is up, Mr Former Programs Manager and stop trying to bring the station down with you. 

Forever a loyal listener, Mrs Chetty

Disclaimer: The views and comments expressed in this piece are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Indian Spice.

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