Lotus FM: Sanobar Khan’s not so clean exit from SABC

Khan was exposed for lying and misrepresenting the incidents that she pinned against veteran anchor O’Neil Nair & producer Yashika Ramauthar.

The former traffic presenter, Sanobar Khan has resigned from the embattled Indian lifestyle radio station, Lotus FM.

It was on Friday, 7 December that Khan made her exit public on social media accounts.

Khan took a chance with radio in 2015 and secured the role of the traffic presenter on the then flagship breakfast show, ‘Morning Rush.’

Her statement read on Twitter read,

“After almost 4 years of being On-Air with Lotus FM, I can confirm that I have terminated my contract with the station and would like to wish Lotus FM well for its future.”

Sanobar Khan – Twitter

On Instagram earlier this week, she hinted to her followers with this message,

“Kicking back with a @starbucks_sa holiday latte. It’s the most wonderful time of the year I love December as much as this slogan Tee. Whilst a whole 2018 comes to a cheerful, maybe even anxious close… I’m reflecting on all the milestones, the greatness, the lessons and the growth. It’s the run up to a new year with so much more LIFE to live and accomplish. Everything that happened manifested perfectly, some disguised, that benefits you in future days. I’m so grateful, so, I am happy and hope it’s the same for YOU.

PS. Currently taking a sabbatical, after 6 years of entrepreneurship, teaching & broadcasting. I am creating time to just BE# peace and #happyholidays”

Sanobar Khan – Instagram

What was the real reason for Khan’s resignation?

Soon after the revamp of the program line-up at Lotus FM, Sanobar Khan was part of the new morning show, ‘Breakfast Xpress’ presenting traffic.

The show anchored by O’Neil Nair, Shaastra Nagesar has experienced a warm reception to the existing listenership.

The show has co-anchor, Shaastra Nagesar and producer, Yashika Ramauthar working from the SABC Durban offices and lead anchor O’Neil Nair with Sanobar Khan presenting traffic in the Gauteng SABC studios at Auckland Park.

Sources inside Lotus FM have revealed that there has been growing tension between Khan and the other Breakfast Xpress team members.

It is alleged that Khan filed serious complaints against O’Neil Nair and other team members citing allegations of victimization, harassment, bullying and gender bias.

It is also known that Khan broke protocol in terms of communication of her grievances.

Shirdika Pillai & Khan’s actions double standards over same violation

Going beyond the reach of her line managers, Sanobar Khan replicated the actions of former seasoned radio jock, Shirdika Pillai to reach out to executive management of SABC Radio.

In light of Pillai’s actions, she was suspended and thereafter had her contract terminated for not following protocol however Khan’s actions was treated in a different manner.

A rocky exit for Khan from Lotus FM

The SABC radio management hosted a resolution meeting on November 30th where Khan and Nair were flown down to the SABC KwaZulu Natal offices. 

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Bonga Mpanza, who is the head of radio in the KZN region. The meeting was hosted with management and other fellow team members of the ‘Breakfast Xpress.’

The allegations made by Khan were taken in a serious light with the KZN regional manager of radio, Bonga Mpanza taking control of the matter. 

The meeting was set to investigate the allegations lodged by Khan as well as serious concerns raised by the producer and team members regarding transgressions in her traffic reports and dereliction of her duties on a few occasions.

It was during this meeting that Mpanza had come to the result that Sanobar Khan had allegedly fabricated and misled her grievances against O’Neil Nair, Shaastra Nagesar and Yashika Ramauthar.

Mpanza took a strong stance against Khan and immediately shut down her allegations.

Khan was exposed for lying and misrepresenting the incidents that she pinned against veteran anchor O’Neil Nair & producer Yashika Ramauthar. 

Mpanza ruled that her traffic transgressions would be dealt with by her line manager.

It was then that Khan took 5 weeks of consecutive leave from Lotus FM which saw Shaastra Nagesar fill in for traffic updates.

Read the resolutions email that was sent to management & related staffers

The outcome of the meeting in an email leaked to IndianSpice’s investigative unit, KALI.

Lotus FM staffers appalled at Khan’s behavior and allegations

Well-placed sources inside Lotus FM have vented their disgust at how Khan jumped on the #MeToo bus for her own personal vendetta.

“We are trying hard to stand tall as women and face the #MeToo allegations with those who have been harmed. We feel that Sanobar abused the right to call out absurd allegations amidst the situation that we face as women at Lotus FM”, said one staffer.

The station has recently come under the spotlight after the Sexual Harassment Inquiry with the most number of complaints.

It is amidst this and the declining listenership that the current employees of Lotus FM are working towards earning the loyalty of their listeners in hopes to bring the station back to life.

Speculation is also rife that Khan will be joining another radio station as she drops hints on social media streams. 

Sanobar Khan – Twitter

Sanobar Khan has been approached for comment however she did not respond to our queries.

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