#Isipingo: Grandmother did not flash her private parts at beach brawl

Source: Post Newspaper

#DURBAN: A New Year beach brawl at Isipingo beach has become a topic of hilarity and serious concern.

The four-minute video clip has gone viral across social media receiving much attention.

The video showed an altercation between a number of people that were hurling insults, chucking sand and exchanging slaps and arguing.

Chatsworth grandmother speaks out

Speaking to Durban’s community newspaper Post, a Chatsworth woman gave her side of the story as to what has become the laughing stock of social media.

Source: Post Newspaper

In the video and the front page of the Post Newspaper, the woman is seen making a gesture that can be assumed as obscene.

The 57 year-old grandmother has clarified that she did not flash her private parts to onlookers during the fight.

She stated that she was merely removing sand that got onto her clothing.

To get the full story get your edition of the Post Newspaper, 9 January 2019 to read Charlene Somduth’s interview with the grandmother.

#AuntyVassi reports on the story with our Durban news anchor, Prevz Reddy


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