There’s A ‘7 Colour Tea’ that looks fantastic & hard to resist!

Born in a family with a love (bordering on addiction) for tea, I’ve known only one kind, which is the straightforward liquor tea.

After travelling to the not-so-mystical lands of Sikkim and Kolkata, I found out that this hot beverage can be butchered modified by putting milk, elaichi and what not into it.

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However, until today, I was under the impression that there were only those two kinds of tea (green tea is just boiled water, so it doesn’t count). But it turns out that the universe still has surprises left for me, with the latest one coming from Bangladesh.

According to Xinhua Net, Dhaka’s latest tourist attraction is Saiful Islam’s Rangdhonu (rainbow) seven-colour tea store. Although he had to acquire the technique from a tea vendor in Moulvibazar’s Srimangal area, he’s successfully imitating it now. He said,

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“From there I have somehow acquired the secret technique of layering seven colored tea. Later I moved to Dhaka and opened a store to sell the seven-color tea.”

While the average tea costs around Rs. 8 (10 takas), the seven-layer tea costs around Rs. 70. And although the process of making it is a secret, he did reveal what kinds of tea are used for the drink.“We mix different types of locally and China-grown tea — three black teasand one green tea — with milk and various spices. Each mixture has a distinct color and taste, and I pour one on top of another to create seven distinct bands of colors including orangeblackwhite, strawberrymilk and Green.”

However, here’s the catch. There’s no magic involved. Saiful said that,

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“The taste of each layer is different. It is organic. No chemical is used.”

But who cares about the secret if it tastes so good, and healthy. Yes, a part of the seven-layer drink is created by Islam himself, which is a white layer blended with ginger. And it’s good for the customer’s health.

Joyita, a student of Dhaka Polytechnic Institute and a happy customer at Islam’s store, said that,

“We live beside this Taltola market. We often come here for a cup of seven-color tea and a good chat.”

Albeit successful, Islam is a copycat (and a brilliant one at it). So, who’s the inventor of this one-of-a-kind tea? Well, The Guardian says that it’s a Romesh Ram Gour from Srimangal.

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Gour’s shop is a simple kiosk called the Nilkantha Tea Cabin. And it’s visited by people from far and wide just to have a sip of his tea. In addition to that, it’s rumoured that a major Bollywood star once offered to fly him to India and expand his business. However, Gour refused, saying that he’s happy with the life he has.

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