#Tongaat: Massage parlour owner accused of raping 18 year old

A 53-year-old Tongaat businessman has been arrested by members of Reaction Unit South Africa a short while ago (Monday) for the rape of an 18 year old female during a job interview.

On Saturday RUSA Officers received a request for assistance from members of a specialized unit within the South African Police Service to assist to track and arrest an Indian male suspect.

According to the investigating officer a medical practitioner confirmed penetration.

Reaction Officers interviewed the female who explained that she was in the company of her mother who is a street vendor in the Tongaat CBD when an unknown male who offered her a job as a receptionist at his business during a conversation approached her.

The petite female then pitched up for the interview last Monday and realized that the given address is a massage parlor on the main street of Tongaat.

The man interviewed her in the presence of a second female and asked her to return on Wednesday at 08:00 for a second interview.

Raped at second interview

The victim stated that when she arrived for a second interview she was asked to return an hour later.

When she returned she found that the second female was no longer at the business and the owner himself continued with the interview.

He then enquired whether she would do massages part time so that she could be given a permanent job as a receptionist.

The girl informed Reaction Officers that she refused the job as a masseuse however the man stated that this was a part of the interview process. The victim was taken into a back room where the suspect removed his shirt and asked her to massage him.

During the massage, an oil container fell to the floor. According to the victim the suspect then wiped the oil with his hand and began masturbating in her presence.

He then forcefully removed her jeans and underwear before he raped her. After he was done he handed her a tissue and asked to wipe herself and advised her to wash her own underwear when she gets home.

Reaction Officers managed to identify the suspect’s vehicle and tracked down his home in Watsonia, Tongaat.

RUSA Members kept observation over the home and made telephonic contact with the suspect who claimed to have been out of the area. Under the pretense of meeting for business the suspect agreed to meet on Gopalall Hurbans Road within 10 minutes.

At 11:35 (Monday) the suspect was spotted on Old Main Road in Tongaat on route to meet a “client for business”. He was approached by Reaction Officers who abandoned their response vehicles and positioned themselves strategically around the CBD and placed him under arrest.

He was then taken to Tongaat SAPS and detained.

Source: RUSA Facebook page

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