Rape-accused Piyush Sahdev heads to South Africa

The controversial Indian television heartthrob, Piyush Sahdev is returning to South Africa after 2 years.

Sahdev made headlines in South Africa after he verbally attacked the award-winning South African actor, Jailoshini Naidoo.

The event brought to South Africa by Events4U includes a line-up of South African DJ’s and entertainers who will be supporting the ‘Zee star’ Piyush Sahdev.

The event is being held in Durban where the rape-accused is set to be the headline act supported by local DJ’s.

Jailoshini sets the record straight

Naidoo at the time responded to the incident stating, “To say that I was humiliated is an understatement, I am appalled and disgusted at his lack of respect for me as a fellow artist, and for the audience.  He was rude and arrogant and his oversized ego obviously took centre stage.  How is this acceptable? Does he think that international artists like himself are above us local artists?

I am sick of artists like him behaving like they are Gods, coming to our country and showing such disdain and disrespect for us. Who gave him this right and power?  My message to this so called Zee “star”, Piyush Sahdev.

“Do you actually believe that our audiences are starved for good entertainment? …that we are not good enough…that we need you so desperately, that we will allow you to treat us with such rudeness and arrogance? No matter how much you have, how great you look, how fancy you dress…remember, without humility, respect and integrity you amount to nothing!!!

You are treated like royalty here only because of the generosity and warm hospitality of our South African audiences. That does not make you superior to us in any way and it certainly does not give you the right to demean us.”

Jailoshini Naidoo, South African actor

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The rape charge in 2017

Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev was arrested in November 2017 after an docket was filed in Mumbai, he was accused of rape.

He was later sent to judicial custody for 24 days and was detained until bail was granted December 2017. 

What happened with Sahdev and the victim?

Hindustan Times reported that Piyush met the woman in question through mutual friends following which the actor moved in with her. After living together for two months, Piyush proposed to her.

However, things turned ugly after she found objectionable photographs of Piyush with another girl on his phone.

Following an unsightly altercation, Piyush reportedly refused to marry her. Soon after, she approached the police on November 20 and filed a rape case against him.

When asked about his family, Piyush said, “When you go to jail, you don’t go alone. It’s almost like the whole family is going in with you. My brother (actor Girish Sahdev) and father visited me once. They had to stand in the queue from 8 am for four hours to be able to meet me.” 

He further said, “I am glad I have such a supportive family and friends who took care of me after I came back. I practised chants and meditation in jail, and that has helped me a lot now that I’m back to work.”

Sahdev accused of leaking intimate content of the accuser

In a report on Times Now News, a source further added,

“When the couple came back to town after their shenanigans, gratified as he was in every way, he thought it is now better to do away with what was left of her! So, he started to avoid her! This avoidance was growing on the girl and she could take it no more. That is when she confronted Piyush and warned him, if he would continue to ignore her, she would file a complaint with the police! Needless to say, this didn’t go down well with the Beyhadh lad. He was a TV star, how could some measly actress chide him let alone warning him of dire consequences! It got to his ego. He threatened her saying if she would even think of doing anything of that sort, he would leak all the images he had of her on social media.”

Reacting to these allegations, Piyush had earlier maintained that his Facebook account was hacked.

In a media statement, Piyush said, “From last night, my friends and others are receiving abusive messages from my social media account. I have lost accessibility of my Facebook account. It has been hacked. However, I have reported the problem. My e-mail account is also not under my accessibility. I hope it doesn’t get misused.”

Piyush has featured in shows like Beyhadh, Devanshi and Devon Ke Dev Mahadev.

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