Aamir Khan set to launch son Junaid Khan into Bollywood

Aamir Khan
 feels his son is the best choice to play him on screen, if ever a film gets made on him.

The Bollywood superstar on Sunday met a group of journalists at his posh residence in Mumbai to talk about his production venture Rubaru Roshni. Helmed by Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal, the documentary film showcases three unbelievable stories of forgiveness.

While talking about his association with Svati, Khan revealed, “We go back a long time. Svati is married to Satya, my friend from school. The two were also witnesses to my marriage with Reena, when we had eloped. It was the most budget-friendly wedding. I think I had spent only Rs 10 on the same. My parents had no clue about it for a long time.”

When asked what made him take such a bold step, the actor said with a smile, “It’s a very long story. If someday a biopic is made on me, I will share the details then.”

When asked who could reprise his role in his biopic. After a pause, he replied, “I think Junaid (his son) can do it. He might be a good choice.”

He further shared that the family is on the lookout for a good script for Junaid Khan’s big Bollywood debut. The actor said, “He has studied acting and has been doing theatre for more than a year. But I believe in the power of screen test. So Junaid would have to go through the grind and prove himself. As a father, my only advice to him is that he should play leads but only those that are characters. This is a rule I follow and really believe in. More than being a hero, you need to live a character on screen. That’s the joy of acting.”

“In my three decades in the industry, no fan has ever called out to me by my name in public. It has always been the last character that I have played on screen. I really feel good about it. That shows that my characters have left a mark,” concluded Aamir Khan.

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