Here’s the two days that your partner is most likely to cheat on you

#RELATIONSHIPS: According to a recent survey by the dating site, the peak time for your lover to commit infidelity is 6.45pm on a Friday, Women’s Health Australia reports. 

For the study, the site surveyed 1000 people.

The most common excuse people make to hoodwink their partners is ‘a social night with co-workers’, Even ‘going to the gym’ is popular with 74 per cent people opting for it.

The spokesman of, Christain Grant said in a statement, “What this new research shows is that cheats are creatures of habit. They have strict routines which they tend to stick to when they are seeing their lover. If your partner regularly goes out with work colleagues on a Friday night, this should raise suspicions, particularly if they always go out with you the following night. The Saturday night date is partly due to guilt over the Friday night liaison.”

The findings of the survey also suggest that cheating partners prefer seeing their lovers twice a week, making Tuesday the second most popular time to get busy outside of a relationship. 64 per cent of the people also admitted to have used the same routine to avoid suspicion.

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