#VIDEO: Food Lovers Market looking into rat problem at branch

#JOHANNESBURG: Food Lovers Market management has been investigating a rodent problem at one of their branches in Gauteng.

This after a video of a rat eating fresh food at one of its stores surfaced on social media.

In the video, posted on Facebook by Sipho Ndhlovu, a rat is seen eating food on display at the Diepkloof, Soweto, branch.

The food is covered with plastic in the store’s fresh food section.


A few seconds later, an employee is seen taking away the bowl of food, with the rat on top.

Working on the problem according to statement from Food Lovers Market

Food Lovers Market management said in a statement on January 6 2019 that it was aware of the video posted from Diepkloof Square.

“We view the matter in a serious light and have launched an investigation to establish the source of the rodent problem. In the meanwhile, we can say we have a health and safety inspectorate that does regular investigation and the last inspection took place in November,” the statement read.

It further stated that the store was contracted to pest control company Rentokil, which did regular inspections and provided the necessary services regarding rodent and pest control.

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In 2013, Food Lovers Market was embroiled in another scandal read that on Daily Maverick.

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