#VIDEO: Unruly kulula passenger causes a stir; delays flight

The low-cost airline kulula is making waves on social media with a video that has recently surfaced.

From the video which was shot by passengers, the South African Police Service were called aboard to remove a female passenger.

This, after she vented her frustration over the 5 hour delay on the flight. It appears that the pilot and crew took offense to the passenger’s comment as she entered the plane.

In the video the woman is seen explaining the matter to the SAPS officer who was intent on removing her from the flight.

It is understood that inclement weather was the reason for the delay.

She went on to state, ‘I want to know what I am being charged with.’

It was a case of kulula passengers vs the pilot when police boarded the plan to remove a passenger off the flight.

The SAPS officer gave her to opportunity to explain the matter to him and his colleagues.

As soon as the officer stated that he is to remove her off the flight, fellow passengers objected to the action.

Where’s the “driver”, he must give his side of the story.

kulula passenger

The passenger explained her frustration to SAPS Officer Singh, “When I got here I was very angry, like everybody else, actually I was speaking on behalf of everyone. I was like you guys how can we sit like at the airport for more than 5 hours. That’s what I said in front of his face. That’s my problem.

That’s the reason why he want to take me out. We all get frustrated, we have our own way of reacting. Since I’ve reacted to him and ‘Oh so we f*ckin mad.’ “

Officer Singh thereafter attempted to explain to the passengers that according to civil aviation law, the pilot ultimately is in control of the plane and that his decision supersedes the right of the passenger in question.

Should a crew member feel threatened by actions of a passenger the airline has to look at the situation and take into consideration the safety of other passengers before the flight takes off.

It is understood that after the passenger refused to leave the plane, all passengers were offloaded and the female passenger in question was then restrained.

kulula flight MN626 thereafter took off after the passenger in question was taken away by SAPS.

Watch the video below

kulula responds to incident

The safety and security of our customers and crew is our highest priority and is never compromised.

The captain decided to disembark the aircraft after a customer became unruly and refused to leave the flight after failing to comply with instructions from both the crew and the police.

The flight had been delayed because of a weather disruption to an earlier flight. We apologise to customers who were affected by the delay. Our crew have the right to work without being verbally or physically abused.

kulula airline


  1. Mark von Sorgenfrei

    Passengers no matter their explanation or support from other passengers are not above the law. If someone abuses the crew in a self confessed angry state of mind he or she should be removed from the flight to prevent possible inflight disruption. The police in this incident showed great restraint however I believe that they gave this particular passenger too much latitude to explain herself. I am happy they followed through on disembarking her.

  2. This is why we have stopped supporting Kulula 7 month ago. We have a right to ask questions and to privacy.

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