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#WHATSAPP: Secure your chats now with the latest update

WhatsApp has long been the go-to app for instant messaging across the world. However, it has been less than secure, that is, until now.

WhatsApp has recently updated its iOS app and adds a Screen Lock feature that allows you to secure your conversations by way of Touch ID or Face ID on your iPhone to lock the app.

To get started on this new feature, you need to first update WhatsApp to the latest version. Then, head on over to the Settings menu, go to Account, then Privacy and after that enable Screen Lock. If you use a device with Face ID, then you can choose this method to secure your conversations. If you do happen to own a device with Touch ID, then you can avail of the fingerprint authentication feature.

WhatsApp Screen Lock

So, after enabling the Screen Lock feature, the biometric authentication locks the entire app and only those who have access to your device can unlock the app. As of now, you can’t lock select conversations within the app; however, having this authentication feature is useful for securing your highly sensitive conversations.

The app update has already gone live for iOS users and those using an Android handset, the update should roll out in the near future. Stay tuned to this space to know when you can use the biometric authentication to secure WhatsApp on your Android device.

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