Sidharth Malhotra talks about his breakup with Alia Bhatt

The latest duo to make it to the Koffee couch on Koffee With Karan are Aditya Roy Kapur and Sidharth Malhotra.

While the two tried to weasel out of Karan’s incessant attempts to get some juicy gossip out of them, Aditya and Sid did share a few candid moments.

Both spoke about dealing with failure, whether personally or professionally. Aditya confessed that he was upset when Ok Jaanu flopped and Sidharth finally spoke out about his breakup with his Student of the Year co-star Alia Bhatt.

Aditya Roy Kapur admitted that the failure of his 2017 film OK Jaanu got to him, especially considering it meant two consecutive flops.

“I think in the case of OK Jaanu it hit me hard. I had such a great time working on the film and everyone seemed to be really optimistic about its chances. When that didn’t do well – even the one before that didn’t do well – so it was like a double whammy. It was hard for me to pick yourself up from that situation and get optimistic about what’s next. I do shut off a while from the world.” Aditya Roy Kapur, Actor

He said that his way of coping with professional failures is to cut himself off from everyone while he processed what had happened. However, he made it clear that he didn’t like to wallow in his misery. “It’s a precarious profession. If you’re going to let everyone get to you, you’re going to have to find a better way of dealing with it,” he said.

When asked about his relationship with Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra told Karan that the two hadn’t really met since they broke up. “It’s civil,” he said. The two made their debut in 2012’s Student of the Year which was produced by Karan.

“I’ve given my first shot with her. There’s so much history,” he said. While Alia is currently dating Ranbir Kapoor, Sid too has moved on.

“There’s been enough time. There’s a reason two people aren’t together. There were a lot of ups and downs. When you take yourself away from the experience, you only think of the good. So all good memories, all happy memories. I’m happy.” Sidharth Malhotra on Alia Bhatt

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