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Indian Spice ranks in top 3 at SA Blog Awards

#SOUTHAFRICA: ADISHAKTI Media ‘s Indian Spice, the digital news agency for the South African Indian and Diaspora reigns supreme in its second year of nomination at the SA Blog Awards.

Indian Spice the digital news source has hit the ground running with its second consecutive win in the Best Entertainment category for 2018.  

The annual SA Blog Awards recognizes blog-driven platforms in South Africa and the digital news source, Indian Spice, has maintained consistency making the top 3.

Data-driven insights and research a key success factor

“The South Asian/Indian consumer within an Indo African context is a unique audience market and we have been able to tap into this lucrative audience successfully,” explains Publisher & Editor, Naufal Khan.

With in-depth and tangible research conducted since 2018, Indian Spice has managed to maintain attentive engagement levels with this niche sector.

After the holding company, ADISHAKTI MEDIA embarked on data-driven insights into this sector, the publication ( has used this extensive research to create a better experience for our audience.

“We are now able to deliver content, news & information that the audience wants and needs, in 2017 we embarked on the ‘The Big Fat Indian survey and the results have proven we are on track with the needs of the Diaspora across Africa and other territories.” stated Khan.

The ‘Big Fat Indian Survey‘ returns this year to identify the consumer needs vs. the content hungry audience. Businesses that are keen to participate in our 2019/2020 data insights project are bound to acquire in-depth analysis of a LSM market ranging from 4 – 9.

The data insights have proven that the traditional South African Indian consumer that predominantly relied on metro focused print editions previously but this dynamic has changed tremendously.

The SA Indian has migrated their needs to digital platforms like Indian Spice for their consumption of news, travel packages, lifestyle content and other resources.

Delivering content and advertising that matters makes the difference

In 2017, Indian Spice consolidated growth and also expanded operations in terms of the needs for the South African Indian community.

Indian Spice has garnered a significant market share of readers and consumers talking to them via their modes of interaction be it social media, the website and through custom communication channels.

An editorial team that works on par with business

The vision that we set out in 2017 has translated seamlessly after reviewing the results of the intensive data insight project at ADISHAKTI MEDIA.

The collection of original content and syndicating relevant Indian interest content has been the key to our success. Working with a dynamic team of writers, content producers & digital junkies both locally and abroad has contributed to the success enjoyed at Indian Spice.

Our editorial team is now able to present content, brands & products to an ever-changing digital consumer and reader effectively The employment of aspiring journalism students from the IIE institution has given these students the opportunity to work in real-time digital news room.

For the period of 2018, Indian Spice has connected with a staggering 1,2 million readers with 80% in South Africa. Our millennial audience has gained traction and we expect to grow our retention of this exciting audience of readers that interact with us on a daily basis.

Our viral videos and social media content strategy has ensured a strong connect with readers primarily in the African territory. Our most successful brand that has grown exponentially has been Adventures of 9Boy bringing our audiences together across a varied age grouping.

Indian Spice’s investigative unit, KALI has brought some of the most burning issues to the fore including the Lotus FM scandals that slipped under the radar of mainstream news.

Revenue Generation

In an ever-changing digital landscape, Indian Spice has managed to retain their older audience and gain traction in capturing the dark horse of the ‘millennial.’

This growth of audiences has translated into our revenue growing as our sales team is able to present accurate market data that has given our clients confidence in delivering their brand and product messaging effectively.

The year-on-year commitment from advertising clients and new business that has been acquired by ADISHAKTI MEDIA has reaffirmed our belief that our strategy has worked.

A lack of commitment from agency and buyers has not affected our revenue negatively however we are looking forward to engaging the agency market aggressively this 2019 – 2020 financial year.

With tangible research & survey data that has been analyzed we look forward to delivering positive outcomes to brands that onboard with Indian Spice and our related business units.

“We have noticed Indian Spice becoming a household name and most of the larger agencies are well aware of us,” explains ADISHAKTI Media’s Director of Business, Derek Abdinor. “Its self-evident that niche community sites with strong demographics is perfect for brand, native and lead campaigns.”

The Big Fat Indian Survey‘ continues this year – to learn more about this survey and how to partner with us – contact Derek Abdinor on 082 906 0291 or on

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