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Sex & condoms are not taboo so lets f*cking talk about it

Condoms as small as they look, they have a significant role to play in society and you can make a difference to prevent STIs and STDs, condoms are your way go!

On the13th of February every year, the world observes the International Condom Day. This day seeks to increase awareness about condoms as a contraceptive method.

Durex Ranveer International Condom Day
Ranveer Singh is the official brand ambassador for Durex India

Condoms work as one of the most practical methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies and unwanted STIs and STDs.

We Indians gave the world the Kamasutra but talking about sex is taboo. We may have given the world the best positions yet talking about the same is frowned upon.

We may have a large number of HIV cases but asking for a condom at a chemist is a nightmare. On one hand, the ancient scriptures promote sex and have connected it with the wellbeing and happiness of mankind, while on the other, we have a plethora of weird dos and donโ€™ts regarding the subject of sex in the country.

Everyone from parents to teachers to society as a whole contributes in the half knowledge of sex education, leading to issues like unwanted pregnancy, societal ostracisation, sexually transmitted diseases and even rape.

In South Africa

The unfortunate situation in South Africa is that there is a significant decrease in use of the contraceptive.

South African government has substantially reduced the availability of condoms compared to 2 years ago.

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