#LISTEN to the woman striking a deal to sell her 3yo grandson in Verulam; mother speaks out

#DURBAN: The incident where a 53-year-old woman attempted to sell a child has taken a new twist. No case has been opened against the woman and the child has been returned to the family.

The name of the mother has not been revealed to protect the identity of the child in this case.

The grandmother was detained by Reaction Unit South Africa and handed to the SAPS Verulam branch for further investigation. The Verulam Child Welfare was called in immediately to take over the matter after the mother of the child was summoned to the station.

The mother of the 3-year-old child who resides in Shallcross had reached the station on Friday afternoon soon after being called in. A stunned mom was briefed on the incident watched as her son was placed in the custody of her sister while the matter is being dealt with by social services.

Her 53-year-old mother was released from police custody and no charges were brought against her.

A witness of the incident hit back at the claim that the woman was joking about the sale of the child.

“You don’t joke like that though especially with so much things happening to kids now.” said the witness.

Speaking to Indian Spice at her Shallcross home, the mother was clearly distressed over the series of events that unfolded in Verulam with her mother.

The young mother was at a loss for words at what she has had to endure and also emotional for her son. Her guardian, Sharon had to take over the discussion with us as she explained that the mother was a hardworking and responsible mother.

“She is a young and very good girl, she takes care of her mother and her son and regularly makes sure that her son has everything that he needs and also pays the rent, stocks groceries for her mother in Temple Valley,” explained Sharon.

“As much as this family comes from poverty the mother is making ends meet while living in Shallcross and taking care of her child’s needs and her mother”, said Sharon

Explaining the situation

When asked about the claims that the grandmother attempted to sell the child for R2000, the child’s mother was at a loss for words. She then defended her mother and stated that she joked about it and the matter was being blown out of proportion.

The mother and Sharon (her guardian) confirmed that the child has never been registered with the Department of Home Affairs and they were intent on having that done by Monday (18 February, 2019).

The matter of the paternity of the child’s father was not clear however Sharon stated that they know who the father is and that he resides in Verulam.

The Verulam Child Welfare is going to be investigating the matter while the child remains in the custody of the aunt.

Sharon hit back at the Reaction Unit’s handling of the matter ‘uncalled for’, however understood that due process has to be followed.

Reaction Unit South Africa staff had received threats allegedly from family members of the 53-year-old woman soon after the story went viral on Friday.

The mother of the child has asked for the public to stop assuming that she is a bad mother and that she will ensure she gets the issue sorted out with the support of her family.

Listen to the recording where the grandmother strikes a deal to sell her grandson:

The Verulam Child Welfare has not been available for comment at this stage..

The name of the mother has not been revealed to protect the identity of the child in this case.

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