#VIDEO: Durban Uber driver attacks family watch the video

#DURBAN: An incident with an Uber driver on Saturday has emerged on social media going viral where a family experienced an altercation.

The video begins where the passengers questions the driver over the trip status which was started before they met him.

A few seconds later, the agitated Uber driver is seen instructing the mother to leave the vehicle. While the mother struggles with her two children of which – one was slipping out of her hand – the Uber driver is seen taking off while she screams in shock grappling for her children as they alight from the moving vehicle.

The husband is heard hurling abuse at him as he drove off endangering the lives of his children and wife.

The Uber driver then stopped the vehicle and jumped out and allegedly attacked the husband who defended himself. It is alleged that the driver assaulted the wife during the incident as well.

The driver apparently returned after driving off threatening the husband in response to what transpired. The husband is heard threatening the driver in the video for endangering the life of his children and his wife.

The wife is then heard narrating the incident explaining that they have also contacted Uber for a response sharing the video with them apart from publishing this on social media.

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Watch the video below

Strong language viewer discretion is advised

Video source: DUC Facebook

South Africa was the first country outside of the US to have 3 cities operating Uver simultaneously in 2013. Uber valued at $70 billion and operates in 630 cities worldwide providing 15 million rides a day.

Uber was not available for comment at this stage.

Video source: DUC Facebook


  1. In my experience, Uber drivers are the most decent people and are taught to be calm and patient when passengers are in the wrong.
    What did you, Mr Passenger, do to get this driver angry? He is the calm one throughout the video… you’re the ones screaming like mad people.
    Give us the full context.

    • I simply asked him why he started the trip about 1 km away from my home. When I took out my phone to record him, this is what transpired

  2. There’s no Uber driver who can chase a rider without any valid reason, no ways. The guys who threatens to kill the Uber driver while infeont of his wife and kid (s), you can tell why they were chased out of the car.

    • So what would you have done if your kids and wife were stepping out the vehicle and the driver takes off? Would you have stood there and kept quiet? Or would you have taken action

  3. Please open a criminal case against this man, and a protection order!

    • If u se someone fighting with a Uber driver without going feather just know that person is an idiot. Uber guys they are loyal to everyone.

    • That is exactly what was done in this case we have contacted uber and they have given us his insurance details to however I am not after cash and refuse to claim I would just like action to taken against the driver from uber and local authorities

  4. firstly how long did the driver wait for this family. And it seems most people worry about their money more than the drivers time they waste. If someone said to yu i kill yu bruuu becareful with those words this family threat this driver like shit thats why he behave in that manner

    • That’s the thing the driver did not wait he started the trip 1 km away from my home. Besides that if someone takes off with your family half hanging out of car would you have stood by and let your kid get ran over (which almost happened if I did not pull him out the way). Uber has given me the insurance details of the driver to claim however we refuse to. We want justice to be served and there is a case of reckless driving and endangering the lives of minors opened up against the guy as well an incident report has been made. All this drama for asking a simple question like why did you start the trip before arriving at the pick up point. If you are a father you will understand why I’ve said what I’ve said

    • Riders must stop treating drivers like shit, bahave please,screeng like that for what? If I were you I wasn’t going to show the whole world the kind of a person I’m, your reaction was so bad

  5. I have left individual responses to each of questions please reply to mine.

    I am the person behind the camera that wants to show you not all uber drivers are as pleasant as some I’ve meet.

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