South African increases stakes in Sridevi sari auction

#SRIDEVI: The stakes are climbing in the pre-bidding stages for the prized sari of the late actor, Sridevi.

The Kapoor family decided to auction one of her favourite saris in memory of her first death anniversary. While a Pooja was already held for Sridevi’s death anniversary which falls on February 24, by husband Boney Kapoor, it is stated that on the day of her death anniversary, Kapoor family will gather under one roof to pay respect to the late actress.

The earnings of this auction will be donated to Concern India Foundation, which works for the benefit of women, children, the differently abled, the underprivileged and the elderly.

The bid war continues for Sridevi’s sari

On February 16, it was in South Africa that the bid war had begun for the sari, yesterday another individual bidded against the South African bringing the figure to 81,000.

But not to be discouraged by this, it seems the South African bidder has no intention of losing this sari.

This morning, the South African bidder has increased his bid close to 100,000 making this the fourth bid he has made..

The family of Sridevi had taken a decision to donate this sari to charity in the memory of the late Bollywood icon.

The website, Parisera is hosting the auction for the sari where the starting bid was Rs 40,000.

Which sari of Sridevi has been placed on auction?

“Being born in a South-Indian household, the actress has worn saris as a badge of her identity and has always infused a sense of unique charisma into its pleats. For the auction, the family has chosen a Kota sari. It is light, bright and emanates the perfect essence of Sridevi.”

“Today, we invite all the admirers to bid for a part of Sridevi’s legacy while making a contribution towards the betterment of the society,” the website noted.

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About the charity organisation: Concern is a registered non-profit charitable trust that strives to bring a change to society. It has programmes for the benefit of women, children, the differently abled, the underprivileged and the elderly and works in the fields of education, health and community development. Concern’s focus is to enable people to become self-reliant and lead a life of dignity. Over the past year Concern has worked with over 340 projects and reached out to nearly 150,000 children, women and men.

Concern has several projects working in the space of women empowerment. One of them is a cluster initiative in Barmer where women participate in skill upgradation workshops for the embroidery and appliqué work that they practice. Another project is Suraksha, where a dedicated team works with young boys and girls who are educated about menstruation, adolescence and puberty and given an understanding of them.

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