Taxi Shandis: That Indian girl named Kimeshni

The South African taxi business is the biggest form of public transportation in South Africa and in Johannesburg there is an estimate of over 15 million commuters traveling by taxi each day with an average of 2 600 taxi ranks in Gauteng alone. 

In episode two of this web series Taxi Shandis, you meet this stekkie (girl) Kimeshni who jumps into a taxi which becomes the “nightmare drive” of her life; she is confronted by slay queen ignorance, big mama gossip, beliefs of being related with the Guptas and ignorant derogatory terms. and please note that this is not for sensitive viewers.

Taxi Business (in this case iTaxi Shandis; a Zulu word that means the shenanigans- actions done with mischiefs in things ).

South African lingo

Watch episode 2 right here

A continuation of episode 2, but this time karma arrives around a “bus stop” for our noisy character named Matlakala. Driver tells Matlakala to move in the back seat: EVERY BODY HATES THE BACKSEAT, because in the backseat, there’s a drunken man who likes “a size” 

The episodes have been well thought out to relate to every person who is aware of using South African taxis. You will recognise some of the selected characters chosen for the episodes. 

The first few episodes purpose is meant to be an eye opener and an educational confrontation of youthful/ trending terms young people use in South Africa. 

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