Shiloh Wood: Allegations Against Her Cosmetic Range

DURBAN: Shiloh Woodarajh also known as Sumaiya Laher resurfaced on social media with an hour long video to share her ‘side of the story’ over a series of events that have dogged her over the since 2017.

Woodarajh made frontpage news in 2018 after she duped customers with below-average make-up products that had been relabelled as Glo Cosmetics.

The failed beauty range Glo Cosmetics eventually collapsed and was liquidated after the news broke and exploded on social media. The allegations were never clarified through independent reports or through Woodarajh who refused to provide the media with sound proof that she was not using cheap knock-off products.

#1: In the first admission below, Shiloh Woodarajh over a period of 5 years, tested unregulated products on her clients.

In the video, Woodarajh takes viewers back to 2017 where she admits that Glo Cosmetics tested products on brides before it has been approved for use in the market.

Woodarajh claims that she sent her ‘samples, formulas and recipes’ of Glo Cosmetics to local and international ‘labs’ and or cosmetic bodies for approval. She does not name these regulation bodies but claims she has proof of them with her. The question remains, why has she not named these cosmetic associations to validate her claim?

#2: Regarding the relabelling issue, Shiloh Woodarajh claims that the re-labelling decision was recommended by ‘the lab.’

She states that her formula of her cosmetics was similar to another product on the market allegedly supplied by ‘the lab some other cosmetic company in South Africa. Why would Shiloh Wood take another company’s cosmetic product and not her specific alleged formula and have that created for her even though it was similar?

Only Shiloh Wood can answer that.

Shiloh claims she has proof of this supposed ‘lab’ *insert giggle here* asking her to relabel the product samples that they sent her for her Glo Cosmetics.

#3: According to Shiloh Woodarajh, South Africa is a third world country.

Fact-check: No Shiloh Woodarajh, South Africa is certainly not considered a third world country like others on the African continent. In fact, it is part of the G-20 — an international group of twenty major economies.

A prominent factor in many (not all) third world countries is the presence of internal military-style conflicts, ie: civil wars and insurgent activities.

#4: Classic Cosmetics defrauded her

Her faith in local cosmetic companies was lost as they took her money and ran off allegedly.

#5: Claims allegations made by former clients that were published in a Durban newspaper were never proved.

The client in question allegedly never furnished proof of the damage that occurred to her skin. Shiloh claims the client used up all of the products that allegedly caused skin damage.

#6: Shiloh Wood admits she tests her products on her own children.

*we are shooketh*

#7: Shiloh Wood exposes her former ‘friend’ in the video below

Shiloh characterizes the behavior of this ‘friend’ as insane behavior, the person in question she names in the video is Yugeshnie “Geshy” Reddy.

Yugeshnie Reddy who better known as Bhaktin Geshy on social media has had an alleged feud with former friend, Kavitha Nerputh. The Pietermaritzburg businesswoman has been on a mission to put an end to vicious rumours circulating on fake Facebook profiles she alleges was created by a former friend, Reddy.

Nerputh who owns the ‘Forever Well Tea Company’ has had the case for her protection order of harassment against Yugeshnie Reddy postponed five times in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court.

In the video, Shiloh claims that Yugeshnie Reddy allegedly accessed confidential financial records of Sofia Nerputh using her professional contacts.

Who are the faces behind ‘Indian Spice Must Fall’

Shiloh also reveals that the hate page called ‘IndianSpice Must Fall‘ was the work of Yugeshnie Reddy along with other individuals who were reported on by the team at Indian Spice.

Mind you, it was also Shiloh Wood who was part of the vendetta, here’s proof she lied that she was not part of the page.

Here’s some proof sent to IndianSpice implicating Yugeshnie Reddy

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Want to watch the entire video by Shiloh Wood? Well she removed the video hastily this morning after the article was published.

Here’s a copy of the video where she speaks out against a number of people and allegedly clarifies allegations. *inserts giggle here*

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  1. Hahahahahhahahaha Elijah like a clown in the background!!! It must have taken Shiloh and Elijah a long time to come up with this crap. They should just admit defeat and move on. Shiloh aka Sumaya Laher is actually a good make up artist but after all this drama,it has affected her credibitlity as an artist. As an online shopper you can find those cosmetics Shiloh posed as her own on Ali Baba but no decent person would dare buy it. The best piece of advice would be for her to either admit the truth and stop talking crap or leave the country and start again with her real talent. Testing on her kids is dangerous considering what it did to other peoples skin. As a parent myself I only look for products with no nasties for my kids and no mother would test on her own kids. Moral of the story, trust the known brands that have a proven track record. Its also not Shilohs fault that people were gullible enough to even buy this stuff when products like Estee Lauder are cheaper!!!! Everybody gave Sorisha a hard time but atleast her products were credible.