Akshay Kumar set on fire literally for Amazon Prime Video

Akshay Kumar made a flaming entry at an event hosted by Amazon Prime Video on Tuesday night to announce the actor’s involvement in a new original web series tentatively titled The End. 

As part of the unveiling at a fashion show, superstar Akshay Kumar in all his characteristic daredevilry, walked the ramp with his clothes on fire! The actor is well known across India for his exceptional stunts, often compared to Jackie Chan.

Akshay will play the lead in this series produced by Abundantia Entertainment, and going with the action-thriller genre of the show, the star agreed to set himself on fire to give his audience a shocker.

Akshay obviously hadn’t revealed that he would be performing this dangerous stunt to his wife Twinkle Khanna, who was more than shocked and surprised to see the Khiladi do his fiery act on stage live for his audience.

Here’s how Twinkle reacted on seeing pictures of Akshay Kumar on fire at the event:

“Crap! This is how I find out that you decided to set yourself on fire ! Come home and I am going to kill you-in case you do survive this! #GodHelpMe” posted Twinkle on social media.

“Now that’s something I’d actually be afraid of” was Akshay’s comeback to Twinkle’s threat.

Amazon themselves replied to Akshay’s “all fired up” tweet with the popular “Teri Jali Na” meme featuring the star himself:

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