#LOTUSFM: Alvin Pillay returns; station thrives despite scandals

#SABC: The mood at Lotus FM seems to be in a positive spin as station manager, Alvin Pillay returns to the helm.

Pillay was suspended in May 2018 after allegations of sexual misconduct were laid against him. It is official that that all charges brought against Alvin Pillay have been investigated clearing him of any wrongdoing.

Staff have been upbeat and positive supporting their station manager whom they have worked with for many years. The team at Lotus FM have worked cohesively to raise the listenership figures since the barrage of scandals that have dogged them for the past 3 years.

Majority of the staff at Lotus FM are absolutely ecstatic on hearing that Station Manager Alvin Pillay will be back at the station.

A staffer who wished to remain anonymous stated,

“We all knew that he was without a doubt innocent of the charges levelled against him. It is my belief that the cases against him were fabricated in an attempt to sully his sterling reputation, especially when a few former employees were given their marching orders.”

“Alvin was and will always be a father figure to the many OAP’s that he has mentored and seen through the ranks. Many of us owe our success to his leadership and time invested in allowing us to grow and thrive.”

Taking Lotus FM from disgrace to pride

According to staff, the acting Programs Manager has gone beyond his call of duty in steering the Lotus FM ship through some muddy waters, while Alvin was suspended.

Despite the many challenges being faced, morale at the station was at a high since the departure of the former programs manager whose contract was not renewed last year.

“Now with Pillay’s imminent return and a dedicated acting programs manager, we can hope to restore Lotus FM to its former glory and do what we do best, which is to showcase our rich Indian and South African roots through our music and shows.”

“March is a crucial time at the station as OAP contracts come up for renewal, so to have Alvin at the helm again is prudent. He knows the staff, their strengths and weaknesses, and knows radio. So, he is the only man to bring about the pertinent changes needed to fire up the line-up and increase listenership.”

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