Kalank: Varun Dhawan, a fearless lover

The makers of Kalank dropped another poster, this time with Varun Dhawan sporting a grim expression.

Playing the role of Zafar in the film, Varun’s character is being touted as a brave hero with a “fearless fire of flamboyance in his eyes” who flirts with life and danger in a larger-than-life world created in Kalank.

Kalank is slated to release in April 2019.

Karan Johar earlier shared a glimpse of his upcoming period film Kalank along with a heartfelt note dedicated to his father Yash Johar. “A film that was born in my heart and mind 15 years ago… a film I passionately believe in… the last film my father worked on before he left us… it was his dream to see this film come through… I couldn’t fulfil his dream then… my spirit was broken… but today his wish has found a relationship with celluloid…” he wrote.

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