‘Red Room’ a movie that every South African should be watching this weekend

#SOUTHAFRICA: Khanyi Mbau sheds the glamor and sparkly to give us a new shade of her acting skill in the South African thriller, ‘Red Room.’

A movie that touches on issues that affect women globally is set to be an eye-opener on the day-to-day reality for thousands of women that are brutally dehumanized.

The movie is directed by Sans Moonsamy & Keru Kisten with Mbau co-producing this powerful movie.

The movie releases this March 8 which is coincidentally International Womens Day.

Synopsis: Set in the heart of Johannesburg, Khanyi Mbau portrays the wife of Jozi businessman, Zama Marawa, who lives a lavish lifestyle until her rich husband dies and she finds herself destitute.

Zama’s husband’s untimely death comes when she is pregnant and she finds herself fighting not just for her own survival but the survival of her baby.

Zama Marawa played by Khanyi Mbau loses everything, she ends up at a place of safety which turns out be anything but that.

Mbau delivers an endearing performance alongside her co-stars Pakamisa Zwedala, Nick Soul, Francois Jacobs, Charlie Bouguenon and Cici Twala.


A sexy thriller that takes audiences on a rollercoaster mind journey. A host of stars make this a must watch. Some phenomenal performances and story that will keep you riveted.

The movie is directed by Sans Moonsamy and will hit local theaters on 8 March.

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