EXPLAINED: The 3-month thali/mangalsutra changing ritual

The thali’s significance begins at a wedding and continues till the end of your life. At the wedding, your groom ties a yellow thread which will be replaced with a golden chain later.

The transition from yellow thread to golden chain must be done with caution. So, here are some tips:

  1. You should not change on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday. You should tie a new rope on Friday. Do not shift the Maangalyam to the new one, on Friday. Shift it on Sunday, during auspicious time, and then remove the old one.The main thing is you should not remove the old one on Friday.
  2. You should ideally change it in the morning, before noon.
  3. Make sure that you don’t change it during Raghukaalam & Yemagandam, you can preferably do it in the Nalla Neram given in the calendar for that specific day.
  4. The day should not be a kari naal or marana yogam day.
  5. The day should be a Valarpirai day, not Thei pirai day (any day between no moon day & full moon day)
  6. Make sure you’re not menstruating during that time.
  7. If you are seated while changing, don’t get up until it’s done
  8. Wash your golden thali with a drop of shampoo every four days to remove the grease & dirt. Apply turmeric on alternate days.

Need more information perhaps you should speak to your local priest on the above.


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