Wednesday , 24 April 2019
Three brothers and her uncle are accused of gang-raping then beheading her, lawyers refuse to represent the suspects for heinous crime.

Brothers rape 12yo sister then behead her

  • Headless body of girl, 12, was found in central state of Madhya Pradesh last week
  • Three brothers and her uncle are accused of gang-raping then beheading her
  • Case has sparked fury and lawyers are refusing to represent suspects, police say

The Madhya Pradesh Police on Tuesday said they had charged the uncle and brothers of a 12-year-old girl for allegedly raping and murdering her in Sagar on March 14, reports said.

While NDTV said two of the girl’s brothers had committed the crime, Hindustan Times reported that three brothers were allegedly involved in her rape and murder.

The police said her body was found beheaded outside her village of Berkhedi in Sagar district. Her father had filed a missing person’s complaint with the police after she did not return home from school on March 13.

Police officials said the girl’s uncle and his wife had tried to mislead investigators into believing that a neighbour was responsible for the crime. The police had declared a reward of Rs 10,000 and increased it to Rs 25,000 for information about the accused.

Sagar Superintendent of Police Amit Sanghi said the girl’s elder brother may have raped her before the incident too, Hindustan Times reported. “Our two senior officers collected all evidence and recorded the statements of the family members,” Sanghi said. “When everything was pieced together, we found that she was raped and murdered by her brothers and uncle.”

The superintendent of police said they found blood-stained clothes and the murder weapon, a sickle. Reports, however, differed on how many brothers were arrested.

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