TRAILER: Junglee, a cross of Tarzan & Commando

The trailer of Vidyut Jammwal starrer Junglee is out, and to be honest, it just looks like another action film featuring the star. Only this time, instead of humans, he has found his best friend in an elephant who is called Bhola.

By the looks of the trailer, the film seems like a blend of Tarzan and Commando movies, which doesn’t help its case at all. The video begins with Vidyut calling out for his best mate Bhola, which is followed by a shot of the said elephant. We are also introduced to Atul Kulkarni’s character, who is out to hunt unassuming and innocent animals and is presumably a part of a poaching racket.

Watch the Junglee trailer here:

Since this is a Vidyut Jammwal film, there are a number of cool-looking action sequences, with the actor sliding under cars and flying over tables to deliver massive kicks in the gut to his enemies. All of which we have seen before in previous Vidyut Jammwal movies.

The official synopsis of the movie reads, “Raj (Vidyut Jammwal) a vet in his thirties, lives in Mumbai and runs a flourishing veterinary clinic. He is a devoted Kalaripayattu martial artist who works hard and has all a man could want. Turn of events make him visit his hometown after 10 years – a renowned elephant sanctuary where lives his father and childhood elephant friend – Bhola. The emotional homecoming soon turns into a revenge drama which exposes the underbelly of poaching racket that was flourishing in this quaint village. Raj and Bhola’s tender friendship, a bond forged in childhood, shows that they love just as fiercely as they fight the bad guys.”

Directed by Chuck Russell and produced by Vineet Jain and Priti Shahani, Junglee will release on April 5.

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