Varun Dhawan inspires fan to get fit with Kalank’s First Class!

Bollywood’s nawab, Varun Dhawan is inspiring people to get up and move with his recent performance of Kalank’s song, ‘First Class.’

Soham Gharia a Cisco consultant of San Jose, California is clearly a die-hard fan that captured Varun Dhawan’s attention.

Gharia took to Twitter today and tweeted his performance to Dhawan’s song ‘First Class.’

He tweeted to the star saying,

@Varun_dvn I know that u will laugh but ur is giving me new inspiration. I used to like dancing. I stopped due to working but bcz of this song once again I started. It’s good exercise for me.u r good guy. I m enjoying it song in San Jose, California. Hope I can make everyone danc

Soham Gharia, Twitter

To which the Bollywood star replied,

I’m not laughing at all my friend. Infact I’m really impressed I can see you love dancing and glad that ur moving big man lots of love stay #firstclass#OG

Varun Dhawan, Twitter

Even Arjun Kapoor was impressed!

Watch Gharia here performing

Well done Soham!

Kalank hits the theatres on April 17, 2019.


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