Andile Mngxitama wants the Indian community to vote BLF

Black First Land First Leader Andile Mngxitama and members of his party arrive at the IEC head offices in Centurion. Picture: Abigail Javier/EWN

#JOHANNESBURG: BLF leader Andile Mngxitama says his party is for black people and that includes Indians.

Mngxitama made the remarks during the organisation’s manifesto launch in Soweto last week.

This comes after the FF Plus withdrew its bid from barring the BLF from participating in the may general elections after Mngxitama said that his party would never accept white people as members.

The BLF leader called on the Indian community to join their fight.

β€œWe are saying to Indian brothers and sisters, do not side with white people. It’s about time we enter into an African/Indian accord.”

What is the BLF’s position on the Indian vote?

According to their website the party states,

The BLF, taking from the Black Consciousness (BC) of Bantu Steven Biko and the Great Strini Moodely, believe those who are designated as black from the BC persepective are those who are by law or tradition socially, politically and economically discriminated as s group in South Africa and who see themselves as a unit in the struggle for liberation from white supremacy. In terms of this definition, the black people in South Africa are (as indicated by Steve Biko) those that come from the African communities, the so-called Coloured communities and so-called Indian communities.

BLF is aware of the bad relations between Africans and indians (Durban in particular) but we need to understand that the hierarchy between Africans and Indians was a strategy created by the colonial and apartheid system for the purpose of dividing and ruling the black people – unfortunately some of our Indian brothers and sisters have internalized this.

BLF website

Mngxitama at the party’s manifesto launch showed off a suit he said was sent to him by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and claimed he had the support of the North Korean Supreme Leader.

Source: EWN

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  1. I will vote BLF if they can take action against white companies that are fronting big time and creating unemployment. One such company is called HCI. SACTWU are shareholders in this company and have sold all the black people down the river. They have created unemployment in the clothing and textile sector and the subsidiary companies are like Romatex home Textiles in CT and Dbn are only taking whites in higher posts. I can prove this.

  2. Viva blf viva. Viva andile viva. Remove these land thieves from here