Fitness journey of Jaydeep Bhuta from 140kg to 80kg in one year!

“No pain, no gain”, quotes a famous proverb. In order to achieve what you desire, you need to push your limits and walk that extra mile. But to begin with, you must have a goal in the first place.

Many lose their way to life while wandering around, figuring out what they actually want. Jaydeep Bhuta, a Gujju from Mumbai, lost the track of life and health until he realized that keeping a check on the weighing scale has become the need of the hour for him.

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2015, 140 Kgs It all started from here ..

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Owing to the unhealthy habits and genetics, Jaydeep kept putting on flesh until he weighed 140 kgs. He told Mid-Day that his weight gain accompanied several other disorders, it was then when he decided to stop being lethargic and work hard into becoming fit. Hence, this greenlit Jaydeep’s incredible journey from being flab to fit.

With the help of some renowned names in the world of fitness like Dr. Eric Westman, who is the Vice President American Obesity Council, along with Dr. Stephen Phenney and Dr.Jeff Volek, Jaydeep began to educate himself the basics of food and fitness. He also completed his degree in Biochemistry before becoming a professional nutritional consultant.

Thanks to his determination and grit to become fit again, Jaydeep lost over 60 kgs in just a matter of a year. His incredible transformation helped him to fetch numerous clients. Many of them being some bigshot Bollywood celebs like Priyanka Chopra, Varun Dhawan, Bobby Deol, Huma Qureshi among others. And so, he cemented his place as a celebrity nutritional consultant.

“The truth is, it’s not only about the consistency of getting out of bed every morning to exercise or eating clean “Whole Food” but also the dedication, the lifestyle change & being happy mentally. That’s something you don’t see here. Everyone has a transformation journey of their own, you may take a month, 6 months, a year or more depending on your goal,” reads one of the captions on Jaydeep’s several inspiring Instagram posts.

Such fitness journeys do motivate us to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, it’s never too late! Eat clean, dedicate yourself towards living a happy life both physically and mentally and set your goals right! That’s all you require to stay fit and fab. Have a happy and healthy living!

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