Dog singing kirtans at prayer service wins hearts!

Being a hardcore animal lover, dog videos work as perfect mood lifters for me. Yes, the sheer cuteness, smartness, and love possessed by these beautiful canines never fail to light up my mundane times.

And today was no different with a video of a dog obediently attending a keertan!

In the video, a white colored doggo can be sitting among a bunch of people offering prayer to the Gods. As the people performed the song, the dog added some background music of his own with an elongated howl.

The dog belongs to a friend of the man who recorded the clip and posted it on Facebook. Adding a caption to the video, he mentioned that the dog visits the temple every Thursday to be a part of the keertan and also gets his share of the prasad for the same!

“This devoted dog belongs to my friend’s factory. Every Thursday night, without fail, walk to the temple next door and join the keertan. Then he has his share of Prasad and jogs at home. Every Thursday!”

Watch here

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