Shashi Naidoo defends nude Instagram picture

The 38-year-old model shared a revealing image of herself with a caption aimed at redefining how people view the naked body.

#TRENDING: Shashi Naidoo has defended a nude picture she posted on Instagram and is challenging people to change their conservative views. 

She captioned it,

“NUDITY is not sex, not pornography. It is the human form, reduced visually to it’s purest state. Uncensored and untainted,” she wrote. 

While many of Shashi’s 133,000 followers agreed with her remarks, some were less than impressed.

“Shameless and talentless, clout chasing… there are kids on this app,” one user wrote.

Shashi Naidoo has stood by her statement. 

“Honey, there is a lot worse on the internet. And why are we teaching our kids that the human form is something to be ashamed of?” she replied

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Sources: Instagram

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