#ZACP: Kanthan Pillay wants to shape a new path for South Africans

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Meet the the ZACP – ‘Capitalist Party of South Africa’

They’re a new political party, with a purple cow as their logo and they’re hoping on securing your vote to take them to Parliament.

The party was founded by ten people who describe themselves as “positive disruptors” and who believe their innovative thinking could find solutions to many of South Africa’s problems.

The ten founders are: Kanthan Pillay, Roman Cabanac, Neo Kuaho, Gideon Joubert, Unathi Kwaza, Duncan McLeod, Sindile Vabaza, Louis Nel, Katlego Mabusela and Dumo Denga.

“It is time to put an end to the tyranny of incompetence,” Pillay said at its launch in Johannesburg.

“We need to fix this and the only way to fix this is for those of us who actually know how to make things work stand up and say, ‘get out of the way, we’ve got this’,” Pillay said.

Pillay said South Africa was a capitalist country, adding that “capitalism has unleashed the biggest wave of prosperity in the history of the human race”.

“Here in our beautiful South Africa, politicians have turned capitalism into a swear word.

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“They make us feel guilty for working hard to improve our lives. And this guilt allows us to let them steal money from hardworking families and use the money for corruption.”

Pillay said the party’s founders believed it was the only political party which refused to be a prisoner of the past, saying he believed this group of people knew how to shape the future.

“A vote for a small party is not splitting the vote. The way in which our proportional representation system is structured actually favours smaller parties. So your vote has more impact,” he said.

Why did the ZACP chose a cow as their logo

According to its website, it chose the cow as a logo because, “cattle are Africa’s most potent symbol of personal wealth. Our logo also represents a bull market.”

Innovating their election campaign

The ZACP’s primary form of marketing has been paying homeless South Africans a stipend to carry billboards instead of throwing cash at traditional media to promote their messaging.

Their website states, ‘We pay people who carry our billboard at least twice minimum wage. Your donation will help us to pay many more people to do this. Your donations can pay for more videos, more podcasts, more research, and more advertising.’

The ZACP Capitalist Party of South Africa’s values

We are South Africans who want to live in a country that works.

We believe that politics is too important to be left to politicians.

We believe that the best way to grow our country is by ensuring every citizen has freedom to build new wealth.

We have practical ways to fix what’s broken.

The party has committed to ten core principles needed to bring this vision to life

  1. Liberty
  2. Individual rights before group rights
  3. Tolerance and absolute protection of freedom of expression
  4. Private property rights protected by law
  5. Rule of law
  6. Right to work
  7. The right to be secure on your own property and to defend yourself against intruders
  8. Free markets and international free trade based on enlightened self-interest
  9. Firearms for self-defence
  10. Spontaneous order and Civil society

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