Eight year-old child raped for months by father

#INDIA: A man has been arrested in Haryana’s Gurgaon district for allegedly raping his eight-year-old daughter repeatedly over several months, police said on Monday.

The man was arrested after neighbours found out about the horrific abuse from the girl, who studies in class four, police said.

The girl was withdrawn and her behaviour was erratic over a few day following the alleged rape. The revelation of her abuse was made when neighbours started asking her question. The child then revealed her experience of the sexual exploitation, police said.

Following the shock confession from the child the authorities were called in.

“The girl used to stay with her father. After the death of her mother, her father repeatedly sexually assaulted her over the last couple of months,” the officer said. “The girl said that she was sexually exploited almost every night after her father got drunk. Last week, the accused raped her twice,” he said.

The girl has been removed from the care of the father and has been sent to a children observation centre for counselling, police said.

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