South African Hindu calendars 2019 – 2020

Find a list of the 2019 and 2020 Hindu festivals, auspicious timings and the official Hindu calendars including Telugu and Tamil calendar.

Here are some calendars for you to download 

  1. Cato Manor Hindu Temple click here

Essential prayer days to take note of

Naag Panchami 15 August
Varalakshmi Vratham 24 August
Raksha Bandan / Shravani 26 August
Gita Week 27 August
Sri Krishna Janmashtami 03 September
Sri Ganesh Chaturti 13 September
Purattasi Starts 17 September
Pithar Paksh Starts 25 September
Mahalaya Paksham 26 September – 09 October
Pithar Paksh Ends 09 October
Navaratri 10 October
Purattasi Ends 17 October
Sri Saraswathi Pooja 16 October
Sri Durga Astami 17 October
Sri Durga Naumee 18 October
Vijay Dashmi 19 October
Dhan Trayodasi 05 November
Narak Chaturdasi 06 November
Deepavali – Maha Lakshmi Pooja 07 November
Gujarati New Year 08 November
Annakuta Govardhan Pooja 08 November
Skanda Sashti 12 November
Prabodhani Ekadasi 19 November
Kaarthigai Deepam 22 November
Kartik Purnima 23 November
Gita Jayanti 19 December

Sanatan Dharma auspicious dates

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  1. Hi can I still do dead people prayers now as I have missed the dates
    Many Thanks

  2. Which period is cuthri

  3. Please can you tell me when cuthri is over ?

  4. REQUIRE 2019 Essential prayer DATES




  6. Please let me know good days for moving house after 31 March 2019

  7. The Melrose Temple website not updated. When is fasting g stating for April19 Kavady? When is April Kavady, what dates? I cannot get hold of the temple and guru on the phone numbers and been trying to call for a long while now. Thanks

  8. Please can i be provided with 2020 Prayer Dates
    Looking for Shivarathri, Hanuman Jayanthi
    Pitra Paksh
    Navarathri etc.
    Reason: to set my various prayer dates with our fasting as my family members travel ….work purposes

    Thanks in advance

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