Books: ‘Destiny for Love Arranged’ by Vash Karuppa

#SOUTHAFRICA: Vash Karuppa a self-confessed book-a-holic took her passion of writing to another level with her debut book ‘Destiny for Love Arranged.’

A romance-themed book that delves into the bonds of family, friendship, and South African Indian culture.

All business-no-pleasure CEO of Hotel Empire, Keshavam Industries, Aariyan Ranjan and successful Oncologist, Varini Iyengar know one another for sixteen years. When she last saw him ten years ago, Varini was left completely shattered as Aariyan walked away from their newfound love and out of her life. He was the first man she longed for, the first man she truly desired and the first and only man she had ever loved.  Aariyan had loved her back, but fuelled by uncontrollable demons concerning the death of his parents, he abandoned her, ending their love in devastating heartbreak. 

Even though Aariyan tries to maintain his distance by relocating abroad following their breakup, their lives remain indirectly intertwined by the mutual friendships they share amongst their small community. When faith reunites them, they enter a temporary marriage of convenience to resolve their simultaneous personal dilemmas. Varini’s aunt, Shanti Devi is gravely ill and has one wish, to see her married. Apart from being constantly hounded by his grandmother about getting married, Aariyan is also faced with one of his biggest professional dilemmas. In order to seal the deal of a lifetime, he needs a wife. By entering into a temporary marriage, Aariyan gets a made-to-order wife to help him secure his deal and Varini ensures her aunt’s final wish is granted.

Aariyan is determined to treat their marriage as he would any other business deal, but love rarely listens to logic, and what follows is anything but business.  On the other hand, Varini soon finds herself gravitating toward and rejoicing in the love she thought lost forever with a hidden hope that their marriage of convenience will end in a union of everlasting love. 

Can Aariyan and Varini’s rediscovered passion help them repair their broken bond or will the demons of Aariyan’s past prove too much to overcome? Can Varini’s strength and spirit challenge Aariyan to conquer his demons and risk a future with the woman who still haunts his memories, the only woman he has ever loved? Can they let go of the past, learn to trust each other and let desire transform into a deep enduring love forever.  

Join Aariyan and Varini, in a story about family, friendship, and starting over, as they embark on a journey toward a second chance at love. Share in their moments as they discover that vulnerability can actually be their strength and the most perplexing problems can be overcome with the support and resourcefulness of a loving family and faithful friends

Destiny for Love Arranged‘ can be purchased here on Amazon

Destiny for Love Arranged‘ can be purchased here on Amazon

About the author: Vash Karuppa is a South African author of Indian origin who has been an avid reader from the tender age of five.

Vash Karuppa
While books in all genres interest her, it was romance that captured her heart

From early as her pre-teen years, she loved the ‘happily ever after (HEA)’ syndrome leading her to fall in love with any book in the romance genre, and later as a teenager, dreams of writing her own HEA story. 

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