WATCH: White KFC patron calls Indian staff coolies & k-word, tempers flare

A White patron unleashed the k-word and c-word a number of times to the disgust of bystanders.

#KwaZuluNatal: In a video shared on DUC Facebook group, an argument over a KFC meal became a racist attack on staff at a KFC Scottburgh branch.

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The incident occurred on Friday evening around 7pm where a white patron is seen hurling abuses at staff and the manager on duty.

Video can be found below the article

The patron used a series of expletives and racist terms to describe the Black and Indian staffers. The patron is heard in the video complaining over his meal orders alleging that the KFC staff had asked him to ‘f*ck off.’

The next series of vulgar outbursts from the patron are,

  • to Indian staff – ‘Dis ‘n f*ckin coolie kak’ & ‘Hey Tikki I know where to find you, you piece of sh*t’
  • to the Black staff – ‘Black people have no culture!’

The patron’s abusive vulgarities angered another two Indian patrons who charged at the white patron who quickly left.

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Here’s what happened at the KFC Scottburgh branch according to the manager on duty

The Scottburgh KFC branch manager that was verbally attacked by the patron spoke to Indian Spice on Saturday evening outlining the incident.

It is alleged that the patron called in and spoke to the manager regarding his order that was incorrect.

Telephonically, the patron used a series of vulgarities on the Indian manager incessantly. The manager then asked the patron to visit the branch and he would gladly assist him with the incorrect order.

The patron continued to swear the manager and then used the k-word & c-word on him. The patron also described KFC staffers as ‘all k*ffirs.’

The manager was unable to get a word in on the conversation thereafter & was angered by the patrons racist attack on him. The manager in his rage told the patron to ‘f*ck off’ and ended the call.

This led to the patron visiting the branch where he continued his racist rant that was captured on video. The matter is being dealt with by the KFC Area manager according to the branch manager.

The Indian manager on duty did state that he intends to take legal action against the patron for his racist attack on him personally that left him shocked and disturbed.

KFC Head office yet to respond

Indian Spice reached out to the DSG call centre which manages calls for KFC’s customer care line for comment. We were advised to direct our query to the KFC head office via email on Monday.

At the time of publishing this story, neither KFC or DSG call centre staff were aware the incident.

SAPS: No complaint lodged just yet

Scottburgh SAPS Constable Bhengu declined to comment on the matter as she was unaware of any complaint or call out from KFC over the incident.

Watch the video below

Video contains sensitive language viewer discretion advised


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