KFC racist Glen Gerber attempts to flee South Africa

Glenn Gerber of Scottburgh, KZN has been found guilty of crimen injuria, following the viral incident where he hurled vulgar abuse at KFC staffers.

#KALI: Indian Spice’s investigative unit, KALI positively identified Glen Gerber as the man who verbally attacked KFC staff at the Scottburgh branch in Amanzimtoti.

Following our investigation into his social media habits, we uncovered a series of disturbing racist content on his various Facebook profiles.

This from Glen Gerber’s Facebook profile, see more here

In our exclusive interview with his wife Tanya Gerber, she denied that her husband is racist claiming that the KFC incident was sensationalized.

When editor, Naufal Khan raised questions over her husband’s racist posts on social media site, Facebook – she denied having any knowledge of the offending content.

We reached out to Tanya Gerber again today who demanded we take down our story and her recorded interview, we’ve advised her that Indian Spice will not do so. We insisted on her co-operation in providing us with her husband’s contact number in the Democratic Republic of Congo but she has ignored our requests.

At the time of publishing our breaking story yesterday, KFC South Africa’s Thabisa Mkhwanazi, Public Affairs Director, KFC Africa confirmed that a case has been opened and authorities are investigating the matter.

Where is Glen Gerber?

Tanya Gerber, in her interview with Indian Spice’s editor, Naufal Khan stated that her husband, Glen Gerber is currently working in the Democratic Republic of Congo and visits occasionally.

This admission from Tanya Gerber in her interview has been confirmed as false, she lied deliberately over the whereabouts of her husband.

We escalated our investigation last night into Glen Gerber’s actual whereabouts with our sources in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our sources in the DRC have revealed that Glen Gerber is NOT working in Congo at current.

Glen Gerber is currently in South Africa at his residence in Amanzimtoti, this revelation was clear that Gerber is planning to avoid speaking to Indian Spice over the KFC racism case and Tanya Gerber was assisting in hiding his location.

What happened in the DRC with Glen Gerber’s job in Congo?

Our sources in the DRC revealed that another racist incident implicating Glen Gerber occurred in Mali. Gerber’s employment was terminated in the DRC following a racist incident where he referred to Coloured employees as ‘houtkoppe.’

Complaints from staff over his racist behavior led to an investigation that led to him being fired from his job and he returned to South Africa.

Glen Gerber to flee South Africa tonight

KALI’s investigative unit has discovered that Glen Gerber intends leaving the country tonight to avoid prosecution.

This hasty decision to leave was made soon after we broke the story last night with the interview of his wife & our findings of his racist social media habits.

It is believed that Gerber plans to leave South Africa to join his brother in Ireland – travel to Ireland does not require a VISA. We are not clear if his wife and children are also planning to travel with him.

Kathrada Foundation Executive Director, Neeshan Balton, commented, “The racial abuse suffered by individuals at the particular KFC outlet must be strongly condemned. 

We hope that KFC will lead in terms of supporting those who were racially abused, and that the victims are empowered to open a case of crimen injuria at a police station or to take the matter to the Equality Court. 

While punitive action and ongoing awareness against racism is important, so too is the social sanction that can be applied against racist individuals.“

KALI working with authorities

KALI’s investigation unit has been liaising with the South African Police and Crime Intelligence service at airports to ensure that Glen Gerber does not leave the country.

Indian Spice editor, Naufal Khan commented, “Racism has no place in our country, and we as citizens have worked hard to keep Nelson Mandela’s vision of a non-racial South Africa alive. Where instances like Glen Gerber arise, it is vital that we reject racism and bring racists to book. The rule of law applies to bring justice to those concerned.”


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  1. Yes Gerber should be prosecuted but what about Julius Nalema that is openly racist and threatening to kill whites and calling people just what he wants to.

  2. Hey. I really love it when you fully investigate these cases of racism. It compels me to follow this site alot lately ever since years ago when we heard Vicki Momberg was one of the first prime examples. Then we saw Adam Catzavelos, Kessie Nair, DJ Sasha Martinengo and soon after DJ Mario Jorge Viegas Daniella De Bruyn, Gretchen November, Suzanne Govender, Mary Ann Miller. All the reasons they are charged for stem from racism and the only thing thats yet to happen is more africans start realizing its not okay to be racist to indian/white/colored/black but i will honestly state there are no black offenders because theres still Andile Mxgitama and Julius Malema and various other politicians THEY THINK AFRICANS CANT BE RACIST. Plz also wake up and do what needs to be done to all racists. Equality after 1994 is all but a dream with BEE and DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY.

  3. Desiree Rampershad

    I am not surprised he’s from Toti, that is one of Durbans most racist suburbs. Most of the racists colonised those areas after 1994.