Glen Gerber racist incident investigation underway

#KALI: Racism-accused, Glen Gerber is under investigation by South African police authorities following Indian Spice’s investigative unit, KALI’s startling revelations.

Gerber was caught on camera using racist terms on staffers at the KFC Amanzimtoti branch calling employees ‘coolies’ and taunting Black staffers.

Gerber’s wife on whereabouts of husband

In an interview conducted by Indian Spice with Gerber’s wife she is heard stating that her husband is working in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Following a tip-off last Tuesday (May 7) that Gerber was planning to flee the country to avoid prosecution, our investigative unit alerted authorities and broke the news on social media to prevent Gerber’s escape plan.

However, KALI’s investigation into Gerber revealed that he is in hiding in Amanzimtoti.

Uncovering a racist’s dirty laundry

KALI was able to find a series of racist social media posts made by Glen Gerber to which his wife denied being aware of.

Following our investigation into his social media habits, we uncovered a series of disturbing racist content on his various Facebook profiles.

KFC racist Glen Gerber attempts to flee South Africa read more here

We also learnt of Gerber’s racist incident in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he was fired from his place of employment for using racist terms on employees.

More from Glen Gerber’s social media profile on Facebook

This Friday. 10 May, the SAPS Amanzimtoti branch collected information from Indian Spice to place on record for the investigation. Our KALI unit was able to locate Gerber’s residence in Amanzimtoti where he will be monitored.

The SAPS has actively started compiling statements from KFC staff in one of the cases of crimen injuria against Gerber.


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