Sureshnie Rieder Heartfelt Letter To ‘Shanaya the First vs Ewings Sarcoma’

Sureshnie Rieder shared special moments with Shanaya The First as she fought cancer, here's Rieder's emotional letter you must read.

POV: The little warrior we came to know as ‘Shanaya the First vs Ewings Sarcoma’ touched so many lives throughout her battle with cancer. On her passing a year ago on May 16, 2019 social media shared their grief and also prayers as she was laid to rest.

Sureshnie Rieder has been one such person who shared special moments with little Shanaya as she fought cancer and added sparkle to everyone’s lives. Here’s Rieder’s emotional letter that speaks volumes on the little giant who braved a battle most adults would be terrified to endure.

Read Sureshnie Rieder’s letter here

Shanaya the First, The One and Only…Forever Loved.

If I told you that yesterday around this time…I was in the same room as beloved Shanaya the First Vs Ewings Sarcoma…I am shattered and devastated that this morning, this gorgeous Princess decided to visit a more Heavenly Castle in the sky.

I was with her and her mum yesterday visiting, chatting away, and laughing and just listening to her amazing Super hero of a mum LeeAnn. We spoke about this journey that Shanaya has been on, the person she has always been to so many people in South Africa and her sweet dreams and bucket lists. She has been the Brightest Star, a Princess Warrior like no other and someone we all prayed for, to beat her illness.

I remember the messages I would receive from the family, when Shanaya was in the car listening to the Roger Goode Show in the morning, whilst on her way to Treatments.

I would read with so much love, the messages that they sent saying how they loved the music or the show. Shanaya has been the one person that I have wanted to meet the most and interview the most!!! I am so glad that it happened to work out that yesterday was the day to see her. My life will forever be changed by this meeting and this moment!! I will hold onto to every tiny aspect of that visit and I will smile and tell everyone that I had the true privilege of meeting a Real Life Princess and Warrior!!

Before I got to Shanaya’s house, I asked her Mum what she would like. I was taking her little trinkets but all she wanted was a Cheese Burger from McDonalds and a Strawberry Sunrise drink from KFC. Her Mum says Shanaya was concerned that I had to make two stops to get this and she didn’t want to make a worry. Her Mum said she always worried about everyone else all the time…what a marvelous altruistic human being.

The simplest of asks from a Princess like Shanaya!! I took these to her yesterday and then in the afternoon got the sweetest voice note and pic from Shanaya to say Thank YOU! I will treasure that forever.

This little warrior had a mighty heart, a fearless mind…and FAITH!

I sat listening intently to her Mum talk about Shanaya as a kid and all the things she would say. It’s like Shanaya was an old soul who knew so much more than her age. She was so lovely and calm yesterday, and as sad as I am for her family, I am so glad Shanaya left this world on HER own terms. In a Princess Dress, heels, and a Tiara. The little Scorpio did it her way!

This little Heart who holds so much space in soooo many South African hearts is no longer, but her smile, her zest for life, her gorgeous wardrobe, her will to fight, her ability to dream…. it will forever be etched in our Hearts and in our memories.
She made such a huge impact in my life…I told her that. I wanted her to know how she is loved and how we all wanted to just hug and love her for the happiness she brought us.

Dearest Shanaya…thank you Princess….for giving us YOU. You were the most generous, the loveliest, bravest, boldest and TRUEst of All. May you find many pretty dresses and ball gowns, tiaras, make up and heels waiting for you and may your spirit shine down on the beautiful family who will one day see you.

To Shanaya’s Mum, Dad and beloved Brother…we send you our comfort, our love and our hugs! We know she will always reign supreme in your hearts.

Shanaya the First, The One and Only…Forever Loved.

Thank you for Blessing us with Your Presence

xxxx | Sureshnie Rieder, May 16, 2019 | Source: Facebook


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